OCM Birla Group Plywood

Kambo Black Diamond

Product are: ply/Board

1. 6mm
2. 9mm
3. 12mm
4. 18mm
5. Jabda
6. Door in jabda


Kambo Black Diamond Ultimate

It is premium quality of of ply/board/doors it have gurjon , ind gurjon,alternate ply as well as board/doors(6mm/9mm/12mm/16mm/18mm, 20 mm) Our Core Values Our core values help us to become what we would like to be:
1. Always set an example of impeccable honesty and integrity by always acting in a fair and honest way.
2. Demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so.
3. Being always accountable for our actions.
4. Achieve excellence and perfection with due humility.
5. Respond to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency.
6. Encourage employees to develop an emotional engagement with their work.
7. Build a culture of innovation leading to superior customer satisfaction.
8. Consider employees as biggest assets and take care of their well-being and safety.